Who we are

Sense about Sex is a group of therapists, researchers, sex educators, writers and activists working to get good quality information about sex and sexuality out to the public and media.

We’re committed to challenging the myths that circulate around every aspect of sex, and preventing the panics that these myths can create, using information which is well-grounded in research, theory and good practice.

Our mission

  • To engage, using compassionate criticism, with any sex advice, media reports, policies or practices which are problematic or unhelpful.
  • To encourage good practice in the area of sex advice and media reporting as well as in sex education, sexual health, and sex therapy.
  • To provide reassuring, balanced and accessible sex information and education.

Recent Projects
Bad Sex Media Bingo, our highest profile project to date, is an educational tool which highlights the many features of bad media reporting of sex and sexuality. It has proved to be a very effective and easy-to-use starting point for media producers and journalists who are keen to avoid falling into the most common traps.

The Sexualization Report – an internationally co-authored report about the current state of sex, sexuality and sexualization in the UK.

We run public events and regularly engage with media to try to ensure good reporting of sex-related matters. We also organise meetings for academics and practitioners who are keen on public engagement.

We’ve got information about many aspects of sex, and we outline some common sexual problems. We show you best way to find help, and outline the various therapeutic approaches that you might come across.

We provide training on a number of sex-related topics, for both general and professional participants.

Please note
This website is aimed at adults. If you are a young person looking for sex advice or education then check out Scarleteen and BishUK.