Clare Staunton


There are two main reasons potential clients get in touch.

Firstly, if they are noticing something is physically wrong for them sexually, or ( if it’s been around for a while) it is now just starting to matter – perhaps a desire for or just entering into a new relationship. Others are perhaps wanting to try for children. I work with clients who have longer term illnesses (Cancer, HIV, Diabetes) where new sexual connections are explored. I work with clients to help them increase their confidence and decrease anxiety, in dating and when it comes to sex. By the time we finish, clients have more information about sex and how their bodies work. Clients tell me they are happier & one very happy customer went as far as to say he now had the foundations for a much healthier sex life.

Some clients have been in generic therapy elsewhere for a while, but not specifically looked at sex and relationships. Or not looked at it with a partner. Often sex is a bit of a gap in general therapy – hence this niche.

Secondly, if you’re in a relationship, you may have lost your spark or going through a rough patch. Clients I have worked with have told me they have increased the amount of time they spend together, they have more sober sex, are happier and communicate more effectively.

I work with clients who are in same or mixed sex relationships or who might not be in relationships at all. I am also open to working with clients who are non-monogomous – often polyamorous, or considering that option.

No nakedness or 70s style self exploration here. I offer a 10 /15 minute conversation on the phone before we book in a first appointment. That’s all it takes to start the process. Please drop me an email or text , or give me a call to try and arrange this. (Please could you call from an unblocked number).     07903 681 853  for a bit more info. I look forward to hearing from you.  Clare

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