Tania Glyde

Tania Glyde

Tania Glyde is a therapist offering psychotherapy, counselling and coaching at her private practice in north London, London Central Counselling. She also works on Skype and by phone.

Tania works with many issues, including depression and anxiety. She specialises in sex/sexuality and addiction/recovery. ‘Clients often ask me if they are ‘allowed’ to bring sex-related subjects to therapy, and my answer is very much yes! It’s vital that people feel they have a safe space to explore this fundamental aspect of human existence.’ Tania works integratively, using psychodynamic, relational and person-centred approaches. She works with couples as well as individuals.

Tania is a kink/BDSM and poly friendly therapist. ‘Some GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversities) clients approach therapy with trepidation, having had their orientation/lifestyle or identity pathologised, or simply misunderstood.’ Tania has spent a number of years promoting sexual awareness through online/print and broadcast media as well as charity work, and feels that sexual knowledge is a lifelong work in progress.

Tania’s first career was in the arts and media, as a writer and broadcaster/performer. ‘My career as a writer taught me a huge amount about communication and language. It’s a privilege to be able to use my experience to help others make sense of their feelings.’

Her other therapeutic interests include family estrangement, identity, the body, and the effects and significance of social media.

She is a registered member of the BACP and a member of the AICTP.

You can contact Tania here, at tania [at] londoncentralcounselling.com, or on 07462 054503.

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