Clare Bale

clare bale

Clare Bale is an Independent Management Consultant, with expertise in, Public Health, Change Management, Service Improvement, Business Support and Planning, Social Marketing and Communication, Research and Evaluation and Facilitation. Her company, The Clare Bale Consultancy Ltd works with a range of highly experienced associates to support a range of health and health related organisations within these fields. Current and previous clients include Cambridgeshire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, The Health Protection Agency, The Department of Health, NHS Wales, The University of Sheffield, NHS Derbyshire County, NHS Wolverhampton, NHS Dudley, The Black Country NHS Consortium. The company has a strong track record of building skills and competencies within their clients workforce as an integral part of support packages –providing “empowering solutions for individuals and organisations that care”. Clare has a diverse background. She is a Registered General Nurse and trained as a master facilitator for The Department of Health. She has a BA(Hons) in Communication Studies, a  Masters is in Public Health and a European Social Research Council PhD in Public Health.  Her research focuses on young people’s use of sexual media and their sexual health. She has held a number of senior management positions in the NHS including sexual health public health principal for a population of 750.000.  She is a member of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV and The Onscenity Research Network. Clare has authored a number of peer review journal articles and is currently contributing to a number of international research studies and edited book collections. She has appeared on BBC documentaries ranging from the psychology of car boots sales to book clubs.

Dr Clare Bale,

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